Philip Selway: Radiohead volverá a reunirse en los próximos años – Music News

Philip Selway admite que una reunión de Radiohead está “más adelante”.

Los rockeros de ‘Creep’ no han estado de gira desde 2018 y, aunque todos están ocupados con sus propias aventuras en solitario en este momento, “siempre están hablando de cosas” y, con suerte, volverán a estar juntos en los “próximos años”.

En declaraciones a la revista Prog, el baterista dijo: “Siempre estamos hablando de cosas.

“Pero en términos de un tipo real de proyecto colectivo, más allá de las cosas de ‘Kid A’ y ‘Amnesiac’ que hemos estado haciendo [2021’s ‘Kid AMnesia’ reissue project and interactive exhibition), it’s kind of further down the line for us when that will happen. We’re talking about that, but at the moment everybody’s doing their own thing. When the pandemic happened, we’d always planned to take a vear off from Radiohead around that, so we could get on with other stuff. But that just meant that those other projects kind of grew, so we’re allowing time for all of those projects to go where they need to. But yeah, we’ll get together soon and in the next couple of years there will be something there, of some sort.”

In the meantime, the 55-year-old musician has revealed he’s already working on his follow-up to February’s ‘Strange Dance’, his third solo album.

Asked if the next record is taking shape, he said: “It is, actually. You get to the end of one project and can’t see beyond that for a little while, but it’s led by the ideas that you’ve got coming as well. To do a solo record you need songs and they are starting to happen a bit more now. So yeah, I would love to.

“When I first started doing the solo stuff, I was just thinking of it as a trilogy of records and didn’t really project beyond that.

“I certainly didn’t think I’d end up doing soundtrack work or any of the other stuff. And in some ways, I guess ‘Strange Dance’ feels as though it’s completing that initial cycle. And it feels wonderful to be at that point.”

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